Tuesday, 16 December 2008

should I, shouldnt I?

I started this xstitch 'belt' hoping that it would be a wearable piece of craftivism but I've messed up it up so many times I'm not convinced its worth finishing.

what do you think? All of the hearts are different shades of red= oops! the letters arent all on the same lines = oops! and it takes so long to do I'm struggling to find the energy and motivation to carry it on = oops! :s

I thought i would xstitch about a metre long and then just pin it on black dresses as a belt. It would include other words like empowerment and freedom and whatever else fits on the end.

maybe it will look less threatening because its wonky, maybe it will be more of a conversation starter because it looks homemade or maybe its just really lame and will look embarrassing if i wear it.

hmmm....decisions decisions.