Saturday, 17 January 2009

I'm addicted!

So it looks like I am getting hooked on doing cross stitch graffiti pieces:

This is my first xstitch graffiti piece I did in Liverpool, UK. I did it at 2am on a night that (on Wood Street), yet again I thought no one would be partying in the city centre: the night after New Years day. But, yet again, there were drunken people and people still ready to party. Scousers are hardcore! ;p

I'm not sure if I like this one and if I would do it again. I did the 'Love smells unless you act' image as well in Liverpool (Roscoe Street) because I like the look of it. I've been criticised for the fact that you cant understand what it says but I still like the look of it and the colours involved (white, red and brown) and, in a way, I think the less obvious the meaning the more people might think and be interested in it. What do you think?

This one obviously means 'put people over profit'. But what I am not sure about this is that the £ isn't central and its all in one colour. I think I'll do it on a smaller grid in London to see what it looks like but I'm not sure I'll do it again and again.

what do you think? please be honest. I luuuuuuvvv constructive critisism. Comments welcome, as always:) x

will i be lonely anymore?

I have recently set up a 'Some Craftivists' group on Facebook (any ideas where else I should post the group?) and have my first proper open meeting on Saturday 24th January 2009 in the British Library Cafe. It's exciting but also really scary! :s

I thought it would be a great way to meet like-minded people and other Craftivists. We can hopefully work together on public art projects to make people think about poverty and social injustice and change the world! ;p I had an invite only preliminary meeting in December 2008 to see if my idea might work. We met 11am-2pm (which is when I hope all meetings will be) to see if that was a good time to meet: to long, too short, too busy, took up too much time in the day, too early, too late. We made some 'mini banners' to cable tie to railings and fences around London. The banners could include any facts or statements to show their passion these craftivists had about global poverty and injustices. I brought a long a suitcase of crafts for people to use for free.

Whilst sewing and cross stitching the mini banners we discussed how these meetings could be as fun and fruitful as possible. We made a manifesto so there is a focus on what we will and won't campaign on, thought of how we would like the meetings to be structured (do we want an agenda. a theme for each monthly meeting, speakers to come in, a project completed each month...), when the meetings will be, how to promote the gruop and how to provide the craft resources.

So the plan is: we will have a meeting every 4rd Saturday of the month at 11am-2pm at the British Library (its central, free and meetings go on there all the time but we need to campaign to make sure they get Fairtrade tea and coffee in their cafe!). People will pay £2 each meeting to pay for the resources (this can change depending on how much the resources cost for each project). However we didnt want to confirm how the meetings would go until we have or first open meeting next Saturday. And that's why I'm pretty nervous and scared of the first proper meeting... :s

What if people disagree with my ideas of having themes or projects we all work on each month?
What if people offer some ideas I dont want to do but the rest of the group do want to do? What if no one turns up? What if people find me and the idea of the group boring? I am a bit of a control freak so this is super scary for me!

Any ideas on how you think these meetings should go? How would you do it?