Thursday, 4 June 2009

improved cake messages?

After all the lovely constructive comments on my blog and in person i recieved from the last cakes project (thanks everyone!) my group Craftivist Collective made new cakes. What do you think?
Again, they are made with Fairtrade and organic ingredients (apart from the sprinkles on top like flowers and icing tubes and marshmellows- anyone know where i can get ethical ones?). This time we made tags out of paper and toothpicks.
Half the cakes where lemon flavoured so had on the flags on one side saying "fairtrade lemon gluten free cakes". And on the other "Dont let injustice leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Take action against it :)". The chocolate flavoured cakes said 'Gluten free fairtrade chocolate cakes" on one side and the other said said "Most cocoa farmers will never get the chance to afford to experience the taste of chocolate".
We sold them at Spitalfields market to raise money for charity. They went down really well and most people were really shocked about our cocoa farmer fact. Plus i got the chance to add to that conversation by talking about my recent trip to Ghana where i met and hung out with lots of cocoa farmers.