Saturday, 17 January 2009

I'm addicted!

So it looks like I am getting hooked on doing cross stitch graffiti pieces:

This is my first xstitch graffiti piece I did in Liverpool, UK. I did it at 2am on a night that (on Wood Street), yet again I thought no one would be partying in the city centre: the night after New Years day. But, yet again, there were drunken people and people still ready to party. Scousers are hardcore! ;p

I'm not sure if I like this one and if I would do it again. I did the 'Love smells unless you act' image as well in Liverpool (Roscoe Street) because I like the look of it. I've been criticised for the fact that you cant understand what it says but I still like the look of it and the colours involved (white, red and brown) and, in a way, I think the less obvious the meaning the more people might think and be interested in it. What do you think?

This one obviously means 'put people over profit'. But what I am not sure about this is that the £ isn't central and its all in one colour. I think I'll do it on a smaller grid in London to see what it looks like but I'm not sure I'll do it again and again.

what do you think? please be honest. I luuuuuuvvv constructive critisism. Comments welcome, as always:) x


emma said...

i like this one a lot, its prob my fav of the ones you've one. i think colour might help... maybe some red? i dunno!

Jane said...

these are cool!

adele said...

I like what you are doing. Check my site out if you can. I work with embroidery too.