Sunday, 22 March 2009

can cupcakes make people act?

I used to regularly make organic and fairtrade cupcakes with messages on social justice issues. I would sell them on a stall at the back of my lovely ex boyfriends gigs and give the money to charities working on trade justice. I would also have petitions for people to sign and free stickers and badges given to me by NGOs for people to have.

Me and my housemate decided to try and make some cakes this weekend to give to our colleagues in our offices on Monday. We are going to put tags or post-its on each one with a little message about the issue the cupcake refers to (climate change or trade), ask them to do something to support fairtrade or 'stop climate chaos' this week in exchange for a tasty chocolate or lemon cupcake:)

I wonder if they will do something or at least think about supporting fairtrade or the climate change issue.

Do you think I'm being too optimistic?


JafaBrit's Art said...

can it hurt? except on the hips. I think that is a super idea. all the best with it.

Layla said...

Hmm.. They look lovely & I totally adore them!

Still, I wonder if something like this could make someone think or act, if they are not told what it's about...

/Personally, I thought briefly MTF='motherf...' (horrible word!!) & wondered what it has to do with fair trade?!/

Also, not sur about colors used.. are they okay for people with chemical sensitivities or such?

maybe something more 'organic' with a leaflet/'flag' could be better? or both?

a lonely craftivist said...

I love the flag idea Layla. thank you. I agree its not as obvious as could be and although i use organic and fairtrade products as much as possible, its difficult to find good coloured icing especially in tubes i can use. I will definitely take your points on board and i agree with them. thanks!:) x

Kate said...


What fair trade ingredients do you get for the cakes. I can only find chocolate (but I'm in Australia and I noticed a lot more fair trade products while in the UK).

Layla said...

Ooh, great you liked the flag idea!! :)
And that you get organic/fair-trade when possible!

hmm, maybe some natural food colorings, like from raspberries or blueberries or currants?

Not much fair trade stuff in slovenia either, though the situation seems to be improving, and the fair-trade org seems keen on suggestions and volunteers!! /hint hint/

I can totally see something like this (an event with eg mini cakes like these made of free trade stuff offered at promos and such?)

Anonymous said...

Are they vegan? Or are the animals left out of the care-equation? Love them anyways :-)