Wednesday, 1 April 2009

mini protest banner #3

This one is in a small park near Bishopsgate. It says "It's not enough to be compassionate, we must act." I wanted to have it on a park bench somewhere that a diverse group of people use from bankers to homeless drug addicts.

I thought it would be good on a park bench because it might people think about not just sitting and thinking, sympathising or emphathising about people going through injustices and struggles but encourage them to get up from the bench and do something to help their neighbours (local and global) live a better life.

The last two only stayed up for a day before someone took them off. I wonder how long this one will last... :(


JafaBrit's Art said...

I wonder why people have the need to remove it (I mean what's it to them), unless they like it and want to take it home?

angihatspots said...

Keep making more! love your work.
Craftily yours Angie

Layla said...

So... how long did it last?! :)

I want to know too if someone took it home to appreciate & cherish (for fear of being thrown away by others) or if it was simply thrown in the rubbish or something?

Maybe next time you could choose a place you can easily film from a window, & put a camera/webcam there to find who removes these things?

maybe it's different each time - would be interesting to know though!!
(would maybe also make further campaigns easier? :)

Jane said...

I had a friend who did 'art drops' in the streets of the US.
She left a hotmail address on her work, which were all small format, so people could send her a comment.
There are several graffitti artists in the UK that do this too, leaving work thats painted on board on the streets.
Could you not do this?
Keep it up, and I'll keep any eye out for your stuff!

sooz said...

Hello :D

I really like this idea, if I saw something as lovely as that on the street I'd be very tempted to give it a home with me!

I look forward to reading about your craftivism in the future :D

Anonymous said...

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