Monday, 24 November 2008

This is my first: I'll get better... I hope

Ok, bear in mind that this is my first ever xstitch graffiti piece so I went for something quick and easy. It's supposed to say 'I hate dirty money' hence the smelly squiggly lines above the pound sign.

I did this about 3 months ago. Its done with thick wool and you can find it at the top of Brick Lane on Bethnal Green road.

I did it at 5am on a weekday thinking Brick Lane would be dead but it was so bright that day, loads of cars went past and i got a few heckles from random old guys saying "thats illegal you know". I agree; it is but its not permanent- you can cut it off with scissors really easily. I also got two lovely guys come up to see what i was doing. They were street cleaners and said that they hate having to clean off graffiti and stickers but they liked what i was doing so they promised not to take it off. And guess what?: its still there (yay!) and the weather has actually made it stronger and stiffer which is a relief because i thought the knots would get loose easily because the wool is so soft.

I hope it makes people think about how we spend our money, where our money goes and what it is supporting. Even if it doesnt make anyone else thing, every time i walk past it, it keeps me in check and reminds me to try and live ethically

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