Wednesday, 26 November 2008

why the blog name?

why the name? well, there are a few reasons: I'm new to london so it can feel lonely, i love crafting; sometimes to make things for friends, but mostly to get people to think about global poverty and injustices and hopefully act on those thought seeds that my 'craftivism' projects plant (hopefully)

I'm lonely because:

-craft groups dont tend to do activism through there crafts; they meet to do their own thing while chatting to people. this frustrates me but i am sure is great for some people
-most craft groups are knitting cirlces: I hate knitting so I'm often not allowed to join these groups
-I love activism but I am not vegan, straight-edge, an anarchist, atheist, cyclist, wear black or hemp clothing...
-I have a very demanding job that i love but that is time consuming and exhausting so i cant make many meetings, demos, stunts and other actions. i just tend to do my craftivism in bed, in front of the tv or in a quiet coffee shop.

Does that justify my name?


wendy said...

your name is justified and genious. i love what you do and what you are about.

i just hope that you soon might sometime be able to change the name to 'craftivist' or 'a community of craftivists' or 'the craftivist revolution' or...

unless the lonely is something that generates something positive but generally, in the words of m.teresa 'loneliness is the most terrible poverty' and we, we are all about exposing the scandal of poverty..isn't that right?


keep posting.w

Ellen Loudon said...

I love the name and love your cross stitch graffiti! You are a crafty genius. xxx

Laura A. C Robertson said...

boss blog.